Knowsley Older People’s Fun Olympics

The High Sheriff of Merseyside presents winners shield at the Knowsley Older People’s Fun Olympics

The High Sheriff of Merseyside, Abi Pointing attended the Knowsley Older People’s Fun Olympics (KOPFO) hosted at the Kirkby Leisure Centre to meet contestants, present the winners shield and celebrate the achievements of elderly people in the community.

The annual event, which took place on Friday 17th October 2014, aimed to promote the health and wellbeing of the elderly members of the community within the boroughs of Knowsley through an action packed day of games for the three competing teams.

Now in its 7th year the KOPFO promotes social inclusion for elderly people and provides weekly exercise sessions for people to stay fit, healthy and have a place to socialise with other members of the community of a similar age in a safe, welcoming environment. KOPFO successfully secured a £1000 grant from Comic Relief to facilitate their Olympics day.

Games included badminton, penalty shoot out, boules, netball, drafts, dominoes and welly throwing, all thoroughly enjoyed by all participants.

CSR Advisor of Hill Dickinson solicitors, Sam Evans attended the event and commented, “To see an event like KOPFO, is absolutely heart-warming. Not only is it tackling the huge problem of isolation and loneliness but organisers and competitors had such enthusiasm and camaraderie that it would have been impossible not to have fun. I would love to see this done on a much bigger scale so everyone can see what real community spirit is”.

Organisers of the KOPFO games thanked all participants and organisers for their commitment and support over the years and welcomed The High Sheriff of Merseyside, Abi Pointing to say a few words and present Team Kirkby with their winners shield.

KOPFO is a fantastic example of a community group that promote inclusive activities for all participants, regardless of age and disabilities. Without KOPFO’s weekly sessions many elderly people would feel isolated and lonely, KOPFO gives them a sense of belonging and a real zest for life. This project needs to be implemented in other communities across Merseyside as the service is invaluable.

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